The Arts at JAH-HC:  Instrumental music—orchestra and band, Vocal music—choir,  Visual arts – drawing and painting, Dance—foundation of dance, ballet, and choreography, Theater— foundation of theater, improvisation,   and theatrical productions.


for the Arts

Jumoke Academy Honors at the Hartford Conservatory (JAH-HC) is an honors middle school with an arts integrated focus. Our mission is to develop our scholars into mature, young adults who will make valuable contributions to the global society. Scholars will graduate with exceptional 21 skills, an appreciation for the arts, exemplary character, an understanding of diverse cultures and a confident sense of self. At Jumoke Academy Honors at the Hartford Conservatory (JAH-HC), scholars participate in a rigorous academic program in English Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. In addition to these subjects, scholars participate in extensive arts studies that include: instrumental and vocal music, visual arts, dance and theater. The arts are also infused throughout the academic curriculum. Through experience in creative pursuits and performances, scholars will develop skills of leadership, self-motivation, collaboration, goal-setting, planning, organization and effective communication. We have created and value an environment that is engaging and responsive to adolescent development. Scholars at JAH-HC will be excited about learning, intellectually curious, and will act with thoughtfulness and compassion.


Nikilia Reid

Principal Reid has been an educator for over twenty-five years.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Middle Grades Education from Clark Atlanta, a Historical Black University, and obtained her Master’s in Early Adolescents from Bank Street College of Education. Mrs. Reid also holds an 092 Administration Certification from Southern Connecticut State University.   Her teaching career began first as a middle school teacher working in New Haven Public schools and later at two charter schools.  After receiving her 092 Administrative Certification in 2009, she served as Dean of Students and Global Studies Coordinator at Highville Charter School. Mrs. Reid also acted as the interim principal for Highville Change Academy and was one of the key people instrumental in creating the high school as an extension of Highville Charter School.   Mrs. Reid joined the Jumoke family in 2019 as a Dean of Students and Enrichment at Thelma Ellis Dickerson Elementary school. Currently, Mrs. Reid serves as the Principal of Jumoke Academy Honors at the Hartford Conservatory.  Principal Reid is proud of the progress made by her scholars and teachers and looks forward to continued achievements in years to come. When Principal Reid is not working to help others reach their potential, she loves to read, travel, and spend time at home with her family.

Dean of Students and Enrichment

Tanya Bynoe

Tanya had been in the field of working with young adolescent scholars for 20 years beginning as a high school track and field coach. Tanya decided to put her dreams of being a veterinarian away, a dream that began in her home country of Barbados, when she met and felt a sense of responsibility for her high school athletes. After graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in science, she decided to move on to gain her Master’s in Secondary Education from American International College, her alma mater. 

Tanya gained her first educator position as a middle school science teacher in the Hartford Public Schools district, where she graduated from and did her internship. It was there that she gained immense knowledge about urban education and the scholars they serve. Her enthusiasm for building meaningful relationships and changing lives pushed her to begin working with high school scholars who she felt would benefit from her experiences. Tanya quickly realized that science was more than just a subject, but when used strategically, was a way to capture scholars who would normally become disengaged. 

Seeing the possibility of doing more within the education system regarding urban youth, Tanya completed her 6th year diploma in Educational Leadership from the UConn Administrator Preparation Program. She currently holds an 092 Administrator Certification. 

“This opportunity given to be of service to the Jumoke Academy youth in this capacity has truly been a blessing because it is here that the child is loved and will be groomed to become successful citizens.”

When not at work Tanya loves to spend time with her vast amount of animal children, family and most of all her 4-year-old daughter Karter.