2020 City-Wide Oratory Contest Registration

Please call 860-527-0575 ex. 633 or email parsonsl@jumokeacademy.org with any questions.

Oratory Contest Rules 2019   Event Date: May 6, 2020

The 5th Annual Jumoke Academy Charter Schools Oratory Contest Statement of Purpose

The goal of the Jumoke Academy Oratory Contest is to offer students the opportunity to develop oratorical skills through public speaking in a community context. 

2020 Contest Rules and Regulations

1. Students in grades 3-8 are eligible to participate: four finalists from each school may be submitted by participating districts (two in grades 3-5 and two grades 6-8 students).

2. Contestants are to research, write, and present an original speech related to the theme “Change ourselves, change the world.”

3. Each speech should be 2 – 4 minutes in length. Contestants will be disqualified if the speech is timed under 2 minutes or over 4 minutes in length.

4. Appropriate gestures are allowed and encouraged. Props are not allowed.

5. The style should be appropriate to the message of the speech. A “dramatic” presentation is not acceptable. A dramatic presentation is considered anything that is read or preformed that has been previously written by another author; a short story, a poem, etc. Although quotes to support a position or statement are appropriate, they may not dominate the speech and should be appropriately cited. Dramatic presentations are also defined, for the purposes of this contest, to include acting as a thing or another person.

6. No copyrighted speeches shall be used in the contest. All speeches must be original and written by the scholar.

7. The contest may be videotaped and photographed. If so, all content will remain
the property of Jumoke Academy Charter Schools. Copies may be provided upon request.

8. Contestants may use notes or notecards. No electronic devices are allowed.

9. A podium will be provided but is optional.

10. A microphone will be provided but is optional.

11. Two winners will be chosen; one scholar from each age group who has the highest score based on the provided rubric.

12. Speeches will be judged by at least 3 judges and a facilitator.

13. Speaking order will be predetermined by organizers.

14. The judges will score the contestants in 5 areas (rubric attached). Contestants will be scored on a 20-point scale.

15. All decisions will be final. Ties will be decided by judges after deliberation.

16. If a student or chaperone has a question, concern, or issue with the contest and its rules, he/she should seek the contest director or Oratory Committee-member.

18. The decision of the contest director concerning the application of these rules or the contest will be final.