Application and Lottery Process

Jumoke Academy Charter School Admissions and Lottery Process:


  1. Fill out an application to Jumoke Academy. Applications can be found at or obtained at any of our school buildings or offices, regardless of which school you are applying to. (999 Asylum Ave, Suite 200, 875 Asylum Ave, 250 Blue Hills Ave, 339 Blue Hills Ave, Hartford CT).

If your child is a SIBLING of a current Jumoke Academy School, there is a separate application. Jumoke Academy subscribes to the “Sibling Policy”, which means siblings of current Jumoke Academy Scholars are given preferential admission to all Jumoke Academy schools. The definition of a Sibling is as follows: A blood relative brother, sister, cousin, or child living in the same household for whom you are legally responsible. Sibling status does NOT apply to siblings of graduating 8th grade students.

Siblings will be placed directly on the admissions list and be admitted as space allows, in the order their applications were received. The deadline for sibling applicants to be admitted for the 2020-2021 school year is February 27, 2020.

  1. Applications for the 2020-2021 school year MUST be submitted, in their entirety, by MARCH 6, 2020. Applications can only be submitted in person at 999 Asylum Avenue, suite 200 at the Jumoke District Office, otherwise they may be faxed to 860-244-9618 or emailed to Applications will not be accepted at the school building offices.

If, by the submission deadline, Jumoke Academy Charter School has received fewer applications than there are seats available in the school, the school will enroll its applicants and will not hold a lottery.


Upon submission of a complete application, all applicants will be given an application number. These numbers will be given in order that applications are received. Jumoke Academy will notify all applicants of their application number by mail or email prior to the lottery drawing.

Jumoke Academy’s annual Lottery will be held on Jumoke Academy Facebook Live on April 2nd  at 5:00 p.m.  Each grade level will be drawn separately, in a lottery drum. Application numbers will be mixed, and randomly selected to determine an order for the admissions list of each grade. Students will be admitted, as space in each grade allows, in the order that is determined during the lottery drawing.

Once all available seats have been filled based on the order applicants were selected, the remaining applicants in the pool will be placed on a waiting list ranked in the order that they were drawn.

Jumoke Academy will notify all applicants of their position on the admissions or wait list as soon as possible after the lottery drawing. Parents and students need not be present for the lottery drawing, although the drawing will be open to the public.

In cases where applicants apply after the lottery is held and a waiting list is already created, the new applicants will be placed at the end of the existing waiting list, in the order their applications are received.