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Jumoke Academy Families, 

March through June of 2020 was such a challenge for all Jumoke stakeholders but we made it through our year, connected, and still learning!  The continuing challenge for us as we look ahead is how we will remain connected, continue to engage scholars in learning, and do so in a safe and secure environment.   In an effort to remain connected, you can expect consistent communication throughout the summer regarding the reopening of our campuses consistent with the reopening of CT schools across the state.  We will continue to connect with our families through written communications, online publications, robocalls, and text messages.  

The summer of 2020 is dedicated to the planning of the reopening of school in the Fall. To give you a glimpse at what our plans will entail, please note the following points of consideration: 

  1. The Operational Model will include a plan that maintains:

    1. In-person Instruction (parent choice)

    2. Blended Learning (parent choice) This model allows the scholar to continue learning from home in real-time with peers who opt for daily in-person experience.

    3. Remote Learning (to be implemented as the need arises and school buildings are closed)

  2. Classroom grouping

    1. By Cohorts – grouping scholars by the same class/group of scholars with the same teacher*

To assist in our planning and preparation for reopening, it is very important that parents and guardians take the time to respond to the district reopening survey below. Survey should be completed by Monday July 20, 2020.

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