Update for Families from Jumoke Academy

                                                                                                                                    May 7, 2020

Good Afternoon Jumoke Academy Family,

I hope that you and your families continue to be safe and well during this time.  I am sending this week’s message to provide updates and reminders from the district and our state leadership regarding recent educational decisions impacting our school community.  Please see important updates below:

  • Jumoke Academy campuses will remain closed for the remainder of this school year as recently announced by our Governor in the Executive Order released on May 5th. This means that there will be no in-person classes held and that Distance Learning protocols will continue until the end of our school year.  As a reminder, the last official day of school scholars at the Academy is on June 9, 2020.  The last official day for faculty and staff will be June 11, 2020. 

  • In keeping with the direction of no in-person gatherings, promotion exercises for grades K and 4 will not be held this year.

  • A Virtual promotion exercise is being discussed with tentative plans for grade 8 scholars. Additional information will be provided as this plan develops.

  • Our Executive Director, Dr. Troy Monroe, will host a ZOOM meeting open to Jumoke Academy parents, and community members tonight!The meeting will feature district updates and a Q&A session.  This meeting will be from 7-7:45pm.  Text “CHAT” to 484848 to receive login information.

  • District offices will remain closed and staff will continue to work remotely until further notice. Staff are available to respond during regular office hours via email.  If you desire a return call, please include your phone number in your email message and someone will respond promptly.  

  • Virtual summer programming discussions are being held with our collaborative partners who include Goodwin University, The Horizons Program at Ethel Walker, The Friendship Kidscamp, and OPMAD. More information will be shared on the development of these summer experiences later this month.

  • CSDE will be producing a webinar focusing on the 3 R’s of learning at home for parents. It will focus on ways to reduced stress at home and is scheduled to be released on the Connecticut State Department of Education’s website next week.  The link will be provided to all schools to be shared with our parents.

  • As a reminder, Jumoke Academy is now enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year! Please email Ms. Sheila Osborn at Osborns@jumokeacademy.org and/or visit our website at jumokeacademy.org for more information or to complete an online application.

  • Continue to be aware of Corona Virus symptoms! Coughing, shortness of breath, fever, chest pains (in more severe cases).  Please seek medical advice and care as needed.  To help prevent the spread of the virus, remember that we should stay home to protect ourselves and others you may come in contact with.    Washing your hands with hot soapy water often and refraining from touching your face should become a common practice.  Remember to practice social distancing and NOT to assemble in groups of 5 or more.  Please continue to monitor the advice coming from the CDC, DPH, and medical community as this situation evolves.

Thank you for your patience, commitment, and continued support for this district and our scholars! 

Continue to take care of yourselves and your families!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Monroe

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