Winter Weather Protocol 2019-2020

What to do and where to look for information for winter weather delays, closings, and early dismissals

Dear Jumoke Academy Families,

As the winter months approach, we want to remind our community where to get the best information in situations when there may be a delay, closing, or early dismissal from school because of inclement weather.

Please see the following outline of where to get info this winter:


• Jumoke Academy will be submitting announcements of delays and closings to the following news organizations: WFSB, NBC Connecticut,WTNH. We will be listed as “Jumoke Academy Schools” and any announcement made on those stations applies to ALL Jumoke Academy Schools unless otherwise stated.
• We encourage you to sign up for Text Alerts from any of those news organizations to be alerted when we are listed as having a closing or delay. Instructions can be found on their respective websites or mobile apps and your phone will be texted as soon as we list a close or delay.• As a point of information, because we share transportation with Hartford Public Schools, Jumoke Academy follows what HPS does in terms of closings and delays.

• When there is a delayed opening (2hr), there is NO Before Care available. Schools will open their doors exactly 2 hours after their normal opening time.

• When there is an early dismissal due to weather, there is NO After Care available. Early dismissal time will be 1pm unless otherwise noted, and there will be NO after school activities.

• Early dismissals will be alerted to the news channels outlined above, and ALSO sent out via Robocall and/or Text message.

• There is also a Jumoke Academy Winter Weather Hotline. You can call (860) 740-2115 to hear a recording regarding if the district indeed has a delay or not.

We encourage ALL JUMOKE FAMILIES to make sure their contact information is up to date. Contact your child’s main office administrators to double check you have the right phone numbers on file.Any questions or concerns about protocol surrounding winter weather closings and delays can be sent to or call your child’s school building office.

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