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Thank you for coming out to the Town Hall on Monday August, 4th. As Dr. Monroe mentioned during his time on the mic, the input of our community is extremely important to us. We value the feedback of not only our staff, but also our parents and community. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey about what YOU think is most important in terms of increasing student achievement and engagement in the classrooms of Jumoke Academy.

The following graphic represents the five year achievement goals for the entire Jumoke Academy District in BLUE. In RED you will see the “Theory of Action” or the steps we will take to reach our achievement goals. What we want to know from YOU is, which of these steps do you think are the most important? If you take a few moments to complete a survey on that topic, it will help us to best know our community and the values and opinions within…

Jumoke Academy District Goals

A closeup of Jumoke Academy District Goals for Achievement.

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