Thelma Ellis Dickerson’s Jumoke Academy Elementary School

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250 Blue Hills Ave. Hartford, CT 06112


Our flagship school, affectionately nicknamed “TED” in honor of the illustrious founder is a Pre-K- Grade 5 elementary academy. This school serves as the model for each of the Jumoke Academy expansion schools that have followed. Located at 250 Blue Hills Avenue in Hartford, the elementary school is the heart of our organization. Most of our middle school students started their school years here at TED, and continued through the halls of the other Jumoke Academy Schools. TED has a vibrant family community and staff and is a one of a kind place for education for our scholars.



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Principal, Dr. Michael Finley

Principal, Dr. Michael Finley

Principal Dr. Michael Finley

Dr. Michael Finley is originally from Griffin, Georgia.  This is his 10th year in education.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education from Georgia State University, a Master of Arts in Instructional Technology from Central Michigan University, a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership from Cambridge College, and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Administration from Georgia Southern University.  Dr. Finley has served in several capacities while in the education profession including teacher, mentor, coach, assistant principal, and now principal.  

Dr. Finley believes that providing a safe and orderly environment and protecting and effectively utilizing instructional time is paramount to the success of a school.  His philosophy as it relates to education is that every scholar shall learn if given the proper resources (safety, competent and effective teacher, parent involvement, leadership).


Dr. Claudia Cousins

Dr. Claudia Cousins


Dean of Students and Enrichment 

Dr. Claudia Cousins

Dean Claudia Cousins received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Central Connecticut State University, a Master of Science in Education from the University of New Haven, and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Hartford. Before joining Jumoke Academy, Dean Cousins worked as a college supervisor at the University of Saint Joseph supervising ELA student teachers, and an adjunct professor at Central Connecticut State University teaching Policies in Education, and at Capital Community College teaching English Composition. She also taught at the Pre-K, elementary, middle and high school levels. Dean Cousins is a certified ELA teacher.

Dr. Cousin’s dissertation Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education Within Student Learning Communities and The Importance of the Principles in Helping Students With Their Academic Writing Skills was published in 2012, and her current scholarly interests include school equity and effectiveness, standard based assessments, and student achievement.

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9 comments on “Thelma Ellis Dickerson’s Jumoke Academy Elementary School”

  1. jennifer rivera Reply

    I’m inquiring information to see on enrollment to your school i am a parent of a 3rd grade student in hartford ct and would love her to attend your school! Can you plz provide some guidance on how to enroll thanks

    • Jum0keAcademy Reply

      Hello Jennifer! If it is ok, I can send you an email with an application to our schools. We are currently working on the enrollment section of our website. Also, please give a call to the main phone number listed on our contact page, and they can guide you in the process of applying to Jumoke Academy.

  2. Elizabeth Bernard Reply

    Hi Dr. Cousins
    This is Liz from the Headstart Program. I was hoping to obtain information regarding the Pre K program sent to me. I am interested in beginning the application process for the school year 2016.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide Liz

  3. Elizabeth Bernard Reply

    Hi Dr.Cousins just realized that the system autofilled my number and so it posted is it possible to delete my request

  4. Jenne Reply

    What are the elementary school hours? Also do you offer before and after care programs?

    • Jum0keAcademy Reply

      Hi there!
      The elementary school hours are 8:45 to 4:05 p.m and there is indeed Before and After Care, you can find information HERE.

  5. Mia Ross Reply

    Hello I’m interested in starting the application process for my daughter she will be 4 in the beginning of august how do I get the application to begin.

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