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Nicknamed “JAH-SMaRT”, this middle school academy is thematically centered on STEM education and promotes classroom and enrichment activities that facilitate scientific exploration. Our mission is to develop our students into mature, young adults who will make valuable contributions to the global society. Eighth graders will leave JAH-SMaRT with a desire to question the world around them and the 21st century skills necessary to change it for the better!Students at JAH-SMaRT participate in a rigorous academic program in language arts, math, science and social studies. In addition to these subjects, students receive character development classes about how to navigate the transition to middle school life. Students also receive exposure to different career options in math and the science through guest lectures and a host of science themed enrichment classes.

Along with varied enrichment offerings and top-notch academic instruction, students are trained how to set goals long-term career and educational goals for themselves. By the time our students leave in eighth grade, we make sure they all are going to high schools that they have researched and have determined make the most sense given their personal goals.


Principal – Iris GomeroGomeroIris

With over a decade of experience in the education field, Mrs. Gomero brings to us a wealth of experience as a teacher and instructional leader in both charter and traditional school districts having served as a teacher and school administrator at the elementary and middle school level. Mrs. Gomero is experienced developing and implementing systems that improve student outcomes including Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, Scientific Researched Based Interventions, Professional Learning Communities, Instructional Rounds, and Data Driven Decision Making. Mrs. Gomero is a Hartford resident. She earned her B.A. in Elementary Education at Inter American University of Puerto Rico, her Masters of Arts in English Literature at Trinity College in Hartford, and her Sixth Year in Educational Leadership at Sacred Heart University. Additionally, she has furthered her education with studies in special education and educational psychology. Her educational background and experience make her highly qualified to be the leader of our STEM focused middle school. Jumoke Academy is happy to welcome back such an accomplished educator.

Dean of Students and Enrichment – Amy Beardsworth DSC_0028

Amy Beardsworth is the Dean of Students at Jumoke Academy Honors – Science Math and Research Techonology (JAH-SMaRT)  She was born and raised in Connecticut.  She attended the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education and graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in 2006 and in 2007 with her Master’s.  While at UCONN she completed internships in schools in both Hartford and Willimantic.  She also spent one semester of her graduate year teaching and conducting research in London, England.  She came to Jumoke in August of 2007 and began working as a sixth grade teacher.  She enjoyed great success in the classroom and eventually served as the school leader for JAH-SMaRT during the 2011-2012 school year.  The following year she became the Dean of Students at JAH-SMaRT where she enjoys her role in helping to ensure student success.  

Hours of operation: 8:45 am – 4:15 pm

Grade levels: Grades 5-8

10 comments on “Jumoke Academy Honors SMaRT”

  1. tynia williams Reply

    my cousin goes to jumoke and i would like to know if a student is miss behaving what are some of the consequences?

    • Jum0keAcademy Reply

      Hello Tynia,
      When I asked this question of Principal at JAH-SMaRT school, his answer was this: “JAH-SMaRT encourages all scholars to own their mistakes, and learn from them.” Any further information will be for the student and his or her teachers and administrators. I hope this helps. Thanks!

  2. Joy Reply

    Once students reach 4th grade at TED, would they need to re-apply for the middle school programs at the Hartford Conservatory and SMaRT to gain acceptance? If not, how is placement for these schools determined?

    • Jum0keAcademy Reply

      All Jumoke Academy Elementary students are guaranteed spaces at their choice of middle school. They need not re-apply.
      Thank you!

  3. Michelle Reply

    Is there a link on here to get to the powerschool website, the letter sent home with the kids is not very clear and I’m unable to log in.

    • Jum0keAcademy Reply

      There is! http://jumokeacademy.org/powerschool-portal/ if you click that link you will be able to follow that to the parent section of powerschool. You can navigate there from our home page by going to the top menu where is says “Parent Information” and choosing “powerschool portal”
      Thank you!

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