Jumoke Academy Honors at the Hartford Conservatory


875 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105
Phone: 860-527-0575
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Jumoke Academy Honors at the Hartford Conservatory (JAH-HC) is an honors middle school with an arts integrated focus. Our mission is to develop our scholars into mature, young adults who will make valuable contributions to the global society. Scholars will graduate with exceptional 21 skills, an appreciation for the arts, exemplary character, an understanding of diverse cultures and a confident sense of self. At Jumoke Academy Honors at the Hartford Conservatory (JAH-HC), scholars participate in a rigorous academic program in English Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. In addition to these subjects, scholars participate in extensive arts studies that include: instrumental and vocal music, visual arts, dance and theater. The arts are also infused throughout the academic curriculum. Through experience in creative pursuits and performances, scholars will develop skills of leadership, self-motivation, collaboration, goal-setting, planning, organization and effective communication. We have created and value an environment that is engaging and responsive to adolescent development. Scholars at JAH-HC will be excited about learning, intellectually curious, and will act with thoughtfulness and compassion.

The Arts:
Instrumental music—orchestra and band
Vocal music—choir
Dance—foundation of dance, ballet, and choreography
Visual arts – drawing and painting
Theater— foundation of theater, improvisation, and theatrical productions


Principal Nichelle G. Woodson

Nichelle Woodson is the principal of Jumoke Academy Honors at The Hartford Conservatory. She has earned her Master

Principal Nichelle Woodson

Principal Nichelle Woodson

of Social Work from Columbia University, Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College and has completed her sixth year degree and administration and supervision coursework at Central Connecticut State University. She has been in education for over a decade. She has worked in the Jumoke Academy Charter Schools district since September 2008. Her roles within the district have included school social worker, dean of student support services and now principal. In 2008 Nichelle was the recipient of the Georgia L. McMurray Award for outstanding accomplishments and contributions a graduating student has made to services to children and families. She is honored and excited by the opportunity to integrate the arts with core academic learning. She has always valued the arts and the positive impact it has on students’ educational experience. Ms. Woodson’s belief is all students are gifted and educators have the great opportunity in helping to open those gifts!

Dean of Students and Enrichment Tanya Fleeting
Tanya Fleeting is the Dean of Students and Enrichment at Jumoke Academy Honors at the Hartford Conservatory. Mrs. Fleeting holds a B.A. in sociology, a Master’s in Secondary Education and is candidate for a Doctorate of Education. She has worked in the field of education for over a decade. Her philosophy on education encompasses the need for scholars to obtain a comprehensive learning experience that will enhance their critical thinking skills and allow them to draw meaning and understanding from those experiences. In her spare time Dean Fleeting is an avid writer. She is also a published author. 

Hours of operation: 8:45 am – 4:00 pm
Grade levels: Grades 5-8


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  1. Leslie Washington Reply

    The home page for JAH-HC needs to reflect the time change to 4:00 and grades 5-8 instead of 5-7.

  2. Graceann Reply

    I am an adult can I do my GED at this school.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you

    • Jum0keAcademy Reply

      Hi Graceann, we do not currently have an adult program! Good luck, I’m positive their are options in this area!

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