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  1. Angela Frame Reply

    Hello. It is hopeful that my daughter is able to attend Jumoke in the fall. I am well aware of the excellent curriculum and teachers and staff Jumoke has based on a conversation I had with my son Brandon Frame who happen to be a keynote speaker at your event a few months ago. My daughter is very bright and being in a school that can challenge her intellect as well as bring out her confidence is a school that would be very beneficial for her and her future educational success. Thank you for your time and possible consideration.

  2. Tamela Largie Reply

    I am very impressed with the ability of your students, how they read and express themselves grammatically. I attend the last fourth grade graduation early this month and it brought me great joy that there are still schools out there that place emphasis on student being able to read, write and communicate with excellence. It would be an honor for my son to be apart of this awesome edifice. to enhance his vocabulary, reading, writing skills and also his math skills, for his future. I see this as a great opportunity for us. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your awesome school.

    • Jum0keAcademy Reply

      Thank you so much for your kind words Ms. Largie! We strive every day for excellence for our Scholars.



  4. Nicole Reply

    I would like to take a tour of the school and learn more about the curriculum. Please advise how I can arrange a tour.

    • Jum0keAcademy Reply

      HI there!
      You can give us a call at 860-525-0575 and ask for the main office of the school you are interested in touring, OR ask for the main DISTRICT office and we will arrange a tour for you.

  5. gem smith Reply

    Please email me and let me know you gotten my application. I be glad for my scholar to attend to your school to hear its a very good good.

    • Jum0keAcademy Reply

      Hi there!
      You should get an email once your application is logged into our system!

  6. Janice Reply

    I have heard great comments about this school and feel that it will be a place where my child can be further challenged to reach her greatest potential.

  7. Diana Reply

    I have heard so many great things about your school and I am eager to enroll all my children. However, I am unaware of, is whether or not there is a tuition fee to attend.

    • Jum0keAcademy Reply

      There is no tuition fee for Jumoke Academy Schools. However there are small fees associated with PreK and instrument rentals for JAH-HC middle schoolers.
      Please feel free to apply online and contact our admissions department!
      thank you!

  8. Marlene dacosta Reply

    I wish my daughter could get into this school,she came from Jamaica an now at a school where she is not comfortable,she wanted to go back home,am so depress over this,she is doing extremely well,but dont want to go to school,she is getting A+,it should not be so hard to get into a good school.

    • Jum0keAcademy Reply

      Hi Ms. Dacosta,
      We assign seats to what we have available in terms of space. We also want your daughter to be safe, happy, and getting a great education. Please continue to work with our admissions department and re-applying every year as there are always changes from grade to grade. Please contact admissions with any further questions at
      thank you!
      Jumoke Academy

  9. Marlene dacosta Reply

    Thank you so much for your kind words,keep up the good works you all being doing,i am going to keep encourage my daughter for the best an hope i will get a better school for her.have a great day.

  10. Alicia wilson Reply

    I have a friend that work at your school he told me good things about this school . I would love to get my son in he’s a very smart kid for his age and I think he needs to be challenge . Thank you

  11. Sharmella George Reply

    I would love for my son to attend the jumoke academy. I think the academy will be great for him. I’ve seen the good work you guys do with the kids I would really love for my son to be apart of that growth.

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